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42% of iPhone 6 using Apple Pay

42% of iPhone 6 in USA are payment service Apple Pay, according to a survey by The Auriemma Consulting Group. Only for the first three days since launching the service users registered in the system over a million credit cards. This has made Apple the largest technology means contactless payment s via mobile devices.

The study surveyed 500 American users of iPhone 6. It turned out that the owners of “Apple” smartphones are actively using Apple Pay. 84% of those who use the payment service held three or more transactions, 76% of respondents said that they used Apple Pay to pay for goods in mobile apps.

51% of respondents said that after the launch of Apple Pay, they are less likely to use other methods of payment, including cash. While 45% of respondents had problems with “Apple” payment solution. The main disadvantage to Apple Pay users consider a limited number of retailers who accept these payments.

The survey was conducted between 29 may and 15 June in the United States. From mid-July to use the contactless payment system, Apple has also begun the inhabitants of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The service is available for owners of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus also to pay with Apple Pay, users can iPhone 5/5c/5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with the Apple Watch.

Analysts believe that the launch of Apple Pay in the UK is only the first step of the expansion of services in the European market. A similar opportunity may soon appear the people of Germany and France. It is a common belief of experts, the advent of Apple Pay on competitors outside the United States will pass quickly.

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