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The concept of the home screen iOS 11 with interactive widgets and Siri 2.0

Many users believe that Apple’s time to make your home screen more functional iOS 11. Its design is virtually unchanged since the release of the original iPhone in 2007. During this time the company introduced only minor innovations in the form of 3D Touch.

Designer Matt Birchler suggested that the original concept of the home screen in iOS 11. Among the features of the new OS – enhanced badges of notifications that are more informative. In the messengers, they show the name of the message sender, the number of conventional and direct messages on Twitter, etc.

Icons in iOS 11 can be placed in any place of the screen like on Android.

Also, there are extensions and interactive widgets that display on the screen useful information. They can contain the main news from Apple News, information about upcoming flights, etc. According to the author of the concept, these extensions are similar to widgets for Apple Watch, where the user can choose between several display options Windows. All information is displayed in real time.

In addition, the concept presented Siri 2.0 — new interface is a virtual assistant. Updated assistant offers the user the necessary information depending on the context, on the principle of Google Assistant. To communicate with him by voice and text messages.

“I have no confidence that this is the home screen test version iOS 11 Apple, but I hope that the company will extend the capabilities of the desktop in the next version of the OS. iOS it’s time to move on”, – concluded Birchler.

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