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How to activate voice calls in the Telegram

31.03.2017 0 Comments

Thursday Telegram officially launched the function of audio calls. As in the case of text messages, all conversations of all users is protected with encryption, what the company suggests users to make sure by comparing your keys with each other during a conversation. To verify that the keys are symbols, Emoji.


How to activate voice calls in the Telegram

Facetime audio is officially available only in Western Europe, however, the Russian users have found a way to call each other. In order to activate the function need to be called an acquaintance, whom they are already working. Then in the top right menu of the messenger appears Call. The function works on iOS and Android, will launch in the browser version of Telegram is still unknown.

A few hours information about this method of activation Telegram voice calls spread around the Internet: users began “handing out invites to the calls” and ask that friends called them.


How to activate voice calls in the Telegram

Currently, users create group chats in social networks, in which the publish request to make a call to activate the new feature. The user is enabled becomes a “distributor” – he can call others to run calls on their devices.

How to activate voice calls in the Telegram


Until that Telegram allows you to make only 50 calls, then prevents this possibility – most likely, temporary.

According to experts, a “closed” access to voice calls, this is a brilliant PR move of Pavel Durov, who made everyone talk about the start of the normal technical functions.


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