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Apple criticized the decision of Donald trump to cancel Obama decree on combating climate change

Apple is going to stick to the Plan of clean energy (Clean Power Plan) Barack Obama, under which greenhouse gas emissions are the energy sector, the U.S. will have to fall by a third by 2030. This is stated in the statement of the California giant. Apple isn’t going to refuse to respond to climate change, although she will now have less hope for the new US administration.

In April 2016, Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft supported the clean energy Plan, initiated by Barack Obama. The decree of the former President of the United States include obligations of the United States in the global Paris agreement on climate change. According to him, the emissions produced by the industry, had to be reduced. This week the current President of the United States Donald trump has signed the decree about cancellation of orders of his predecessor in the fight against climate change.

“We believe that strict rules regarding energy and climate, such as the Clean Power Plan can make the supply of renewable energy sources more reliable and to eliminate the serious threat of climate change while maintaining the competitiveness of U.S. innovation and increasing the number of jobs,” – said in a joint statement.

Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Ikea, Levi Strauss & Co. and Best Buy, have signed the agreement Plan of clean energy, also reaffirmed their commitment to the climate policies of Obama.

Donald trump on March 28 overturned the decrees of the former President, who demanded to reduce the emissions produced by power plants and limit methane emissions and oil and gas extraction method of fracking.

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Thus the US President has fulfilled a campaign promise to support coal mining industry that, according to environmentalists, may prevent implementation by States of their international climate commitments. Plan “Clean energy” adopted by Barack Obama, was part of the joint commitments undertaken by China and the United States, the two largest producers of greenhouse gases.

Donald trump is considered a staunch opponent of the theory of global warming and calls it “Chinese fake”. During the election campaign he emphasized that he intends to revise the terms of U.S. participation in the Paris agreement, but in February of this year he refused from the idea to officially withdraw from his country.

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