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The Chinese have filed a lawsuit against Apple because of the propaganda film 90 years

Apple will have a new trial as against it filed suit, the State administration of press, publication, radio, film and television of China (SARFT). The dispute has become a propaganda film, released in 1994.

The Apple business in China continues to strengthen, albeit accompanied by legal battles due to disagreements about property rights. A subsidiary of SARFT center Movie Satellite Channel Program Production Centre claims to have exclusive rights to online screening of the film, and that stream it Apple has caused her “enormous economic damage”.

The film Xuebo dixiao, referred to tells of the struggle of China against Japan in the 1930-ies. Stream movie made by Apple Inc and via mobile app Youku HD, which is available in the online store of the company.

In the lawsuit of copyright infringement are accused Apple and Heyi Information and Technology, the parent company of Youku. Movie Satellite Channel Program Production Centre demanded to stop the screening of the film and collect from both companies for 50 000 RMB ($7500) as compensation.

Apple is not the first time conflicts with State ADMINISTRATSII press, publication, radio, film and television of China. In April of this year, iTunes and iBooks Store has been lock after the adoption by Beijing of a new law providing for strict limitations of online publishing, especially in relation to foreign firms.

The United States called Internet censorship China trade barrier, indicating that the tighter online restrictions harm the business of American companies. Chinese officials, in turn, argue that the restrictions are necessary to ensure security in the face of such growing threats as terrorism and alien ideology that could destabilize the country.

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