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Apple to the world day Emoji introduced a new collection of emoticons that will appear in iOS 11

The world day Emoji Apple introduced some of the new emojis that will appear in iOS 11, macOS High Sierra and watchOS 4 this year.

Users of Apple devices available, and Emoji to make each message unique. Among the new emojis that will appear on iPhone, iPad and Mac — the woman in the headscarf, a bearded character and lactating mother, as well as images of food, e.g. a sandwich and a coconut.

New icons of animals and mythical creatures such as Tyrannosaurus, Zebra, zombie and elf, allow amusing to describe the situation. And new emoticons “superstar” and “exploding brain” to add originality to any message.

In addition, the world day Emoji App Store will draw the attention of buyers on the app that allows you to create and personalize Emoji and under “movies” in iTunes Emoji will replace the names of some films.

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