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Samsung is going to double the battery life of their smartphones

The limited capacity of batteries is considered to be the most vulnerable place of all the mobile gadgets. Of course, this situation does not suit the manufacturers, and they are constantly looking for ways best to mitigate this disadvantage.

In most cases, such attempts are limited to the increase in the speed of their charge. But of course, this method can hardly be called a panacea for all ills, and now, according to Tom’s Harware, Samsung announced the development, allowing to double the capacity of lithium batteries.

The technology involves a two-fold increase in energy density of batteries compared to traditional lithium batteries. And this will allow the Korean manufacturer is much to increase their capacity while the dimensions of these batteries are at the same level, which is especially important when it comes to smartphones and other mobile devices. However, Samsung is not going to limit their use of mobile gadgets and plans to implement the technology in electric cars.

Manufacturers have long been studying the possibility of using silicon cathodes in batteries. And still, such developments were not viable due to the significant reduction in the life of the battery by repeated charging/discharging cycle. But Samsung has managed to develop a very solid cathode material of high density through the use of a graphene protective layer to the silicon cathode, which allowed to double the density of the battery without compromising its durability.

It is expected that commercial use of this technology will begin in a few years.

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