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The benchmark revealed the features of Samsung Galaxy Note 6: 5.8-inch display, degree of protection IP68, 6 GB RAM

Available network sources turned out to be preliminary data on top smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 6, which this year will replace the models of Galaxy Note 5, it is shown in the image below.

Available Phonearena has a screenshot of the benchmark, which lists the basic specs. According to CPU-Z, Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is endowed with 6 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal flash memory. The device is based on single-chip system Samsung Exynos 8890. This is the first decision of Samsung with computing cores of its own design: they are built on the ARMv8 architecture with 64-bit instructions. The processor is configured with big.LITTLE: custom kernel Samsung combined in the productive unit “big”, while the module “LITTLE” contains a Quartet of cores Cortex-A53.

The second modification of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be based on the flagship 823 Snapdragon chipset with 4 cores Kryo based on the ARMv8 architecture with a clock frequency of 2.6 GHz, graphics Adreno 530, the X12 LTE modem, the LPDDR4 memory controller, digital signal processor 680 Hexagon DSP and coprocessor image processing Spectra ISP.

Screen Galaxy Note 6, judging by the picture increased slightly to 5.77 inches, but the resolution remained at the level of its predecessor — 2560 x 1440 pixels. The gadget will have the latest version of the Android operating system N (according to media reports, Google and Samsung are negotiating the possibility of using the device with the most current OS version). Also, the smartphone is secure should be the first representative of the series in accordance with the degree IP68.

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Source of the screenshot, presumably, is an anonymous employee of Samsung. He claims that the new product is installed the battery at 3700 mAh and externally 6 Galaxy Note combines the features of its predecessor and flagship model Galaxy S7.

Earlier this week, the network appeared in the list of indexes of various modifications of the phablet with the working title Grace, which hides the Galaxy Note 6. It mentions both Russian and European modification of the phablets, which means a new planshetofon Samsung will appear in Russia.

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