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The number of viruses for Android is growing exponentially

Within 12 months, researchers at Symantec Korea has revealed about 14,000 infections of Android devices and only 9 successful attacks on smartphones and tablets running iOS.

According to the researchers of Symantec security, in 2015 the number of infections of Android devices viruses has increased by 40%. During this period, the company recorded a total of 13 783 precedent of infecting Android devices with malware, focused on the popular mobile platform. According to estimates, last year the operating system Google has become the target of 97% of all viruses in the world.

For comparison, during the same period iOS were found for only 9 successfully infected the iPhone and iPad. According to security experts, every year the number of malicious software for Android will only increase. In addition, will increase the variety of malware, and Google will not be able to significantly influence this process.

The most popular targets of intruders predictable money are potential victims. The functionality of each tenth of a virus designed to steal financial information, the hidden connections a paid SMS-mailing, etc.

Symantec representatives have not bypassed the recent confrontations between the FBI and Apple, which refused to hack iPhone 5c terrorist at the request of U.S. authorities.

“The American government and Apple will have to somehow find a way out of the situation, said Patrick Young, technical Director at Symantec Korea. – The fact that the FBI managed to crack the iPhone is a success for Apple. We do not believe that the right to declare who is in this situation, right. However, the parties to the conflict sooner or later have to come to a compromise”.

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Earlier Apple CEO Tim cook stated that the balance between national security and people’s private life does not exist. Judging by how the situation was resolved with bypass protection iPhone, a grain of truth in the words of the CEO, of course.

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