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Samsung Gear S3 S2 Gear 2 and Gear Fit are now officially compatible with iOS

Samsung has released the official iOS application for smart watch Gear S2 and S3 and fitness tracker Gear Fit 2. Thus, the wearable device of South Korean company became officially compatible with the iPhone.

At the end of 2015, Samsung announced that its smart watch needs to support iOS in January 2016, but this has not happened. For a long time the representatives of the company did not pay attention to this thread, but a few months ago it became known that in the homeland the company launched a beta testing program that needs to add mobile device support Apple Gear S2, the Gear Fit 2. And now, finally, work on the long-awaited upgrade completed.

Today Samsung has officially announced the release applications the Samsung Gear S and Gear Fit, which allow owners Gear S2 Gear S3 Gear Fit and Gear Fit 2 to connect their devices to the iPhone. Customers can sync with smart watches and bracelets with the Apple smartphones running iOS 9.0 and later versions of the mobile operating system. In addition to configuring devices, users now have the ability to download and install apps on Gear S2 and S3.

The Samsung Gear S is designed to control “smart” clock Gear S3 and S2 Gear, the Samsung Gear Fit fitness tracker, Gear Fit 2. Programs have almost all the features implemented in the version for the Android OS. Both new Samsung support Russian language.

Download Samsung Gear S for iOS at this link.
Download Samsung Gear Fit for iOS at this link.

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