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The application of Russian developers FaceApp accused of racism

Users of the application FaceApp noticed that it has a filter that is designed to make a person more beautiful and for this, he lightens his skin. The Network began to receive negative reviews from people unhappy that the developers believe brown and black people are not attractive.

FaceApp app for iOS debuted in January 2017. The service allows you to put the person in the photo the different photo realistic effects, like smile, aging, rejuvenation and transformation into “male” or “female.”

FaceApp took first place in the list of the most popular applications on App Store and Google Play in Russia, and also rapidly gained popularity in some other countries. Recently users have noticed that the filter is “Hot” makes the face brighter. In the Internet appeared the screenshots of “whitewashing” persons who are black, and some have found a similar effect of insulting.

The Creator of the application to neural network image processing FaceApp Yaroslav Goncharov had apologized for the operation of the filter “Hot”.

“We are deeply sorry for this undoubtedly serious problem. It’s an unfortunate side effect of work that underlies the application of the neural network caused by inconsistent data in the sample for training [neural networks], initially, such is not expected,” – said Goncharov.

According to the developer, the filter is “Hot” will remain, but will be renamed to “Spark” (“Iskra”) “to avoid any positive connotations associated with it.” Goncharov added that the service also works on a full elimination of unwanted effect.

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