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Samsung and LG are concerned about Apple’s plans to abandon OLED in favor of the micro-LED in the Apple Watch and iPhone

This year, Apple will start mass production of displays of a new type known as the micro-LED, which appears first in the Apple Watch Series 3 and later will be used in the iPhone. The company plans to abandon OLED in favor of the micro-LED has caused serious concern among Samsung, LG and other South Korean suppliers, according to Business Korea.

The sources claim that Apple is working on a new type of display, OLED superior. The first panel will receive the new Apple Watch. Development is characterized as “a technological breakthrough in the screens.” Sources indicate that the display micro-LED is thinner and more energy-efficient than OLED. Such a panel consists of LEDs from 1 to 100 microns.

In 2014, Apple bought LuxVue company, which was engaged in the development of unique screens. In particular, she specialized in the technology of energy efficient display panels based on micro-LED. Although the production of large screens based on micro-LED is a difficult task, in Cupertino are determined to completely switch to its own technology. Because of the high cost of technology micro-LED – and OLED Apple still equips all their devices except the Apple Watch LCD displays.

According to the publication, Apple plans to make their own displays, micro-LED, to reduce production costs and reduce dependent on their partners. Now for all the gadgets of the company of display panel release production partners, which includes competitors, including Samsung.

Even before Apple officially announced the transition on micro-LED providers expressed concern about these plans. For producers this means the loss of billions of dollars. First, on the new displays will translate “smart” watches Apple Watch, the new screens will be installed in the iPhone. According to Business Korea, this will not happen before 2018, the premium flagship of this years iPhone 8 will be equipped with OLED displays manufactured by Samsung.

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