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Presented a new concept of the iPhone 8 with a frameless design and a built-in display Touch ID

The network has already published a huge variety of concepts of the iPhone 8. Today, designers Thiago M Duarte and Ron Avni presented his vision of the jubilee flagship, based on the latest network leaks.

Presented on a video camera enclosed in a glass case. Almost the entire front panel except for a thin rim, is a OLED display that provides a deep black color. In one of the recent insiders claimed that the iPhone 8 will be “invisible” front camera. In the concept she, along with other sensors and scanner Touch ID, built directly into the screen of the smartphone.

The gadget is equipped with advanced audio system, consisting of four speakers. As a result, we get a powerful speaker system, as the latest iPad models.

The video also shows a ceramic version of the iPhone 8. But informed sources do not mention such a modification flagship.

Like many others, this concept is not devoid of errors. For example, a prominent front-facing camera, which is in the middle of the display. Perhaps this is done for clarity, but unlikely Apple will take such a design.

In short, watch the video and share in the comments your guesses as to what might be the iPhone 8. Recall that the smartphone will be available in September of this year.

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