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Task scheduler 2Do cost 899 rubles became available for free [action]

On any training they say that the true distribution of free time is the key to productive work. Despite the fact that the modern world there are many different systems for time management, not everyone is purposefully organizes own time.

Many people find it difficult to get used to the need to regularly introduce new tasks, sort them by priority level and to monitor the relevance of the list, so any task-Manager seems inconvenient for them. To solve the problem called easy to learn, but functional scheduler called 2Do.

2Do — a great combination of simplicity and power. A useful feature of the app is that it allows you to filter in through the system labels. The result is a list with the correct tags. In the case that the user used to create a large number of tasks, this will help you better be good at them.

Another strong point 2Do is that the task list can be configured to see exactly what is needed at the moment. The calendar list on the right, where there is a point to All and Today, and you can hide, but the calendar is displayed by default, configurable. In addition, the calendars can regroup, change their color or clear. It is possible to specify that the tasks of this calendar should not be displayed in the list. The tasks themselves can be sorted in almost any field.

Each individual task in 2Do is more than just a string with the text and the deadline. You may add the image to download the file, or an audio recording. The task can be defined as repetitive and assign the interval between retries.

For a limited time functional assistant in the Affairs of 2Do will be available for free. The usual cost of the application is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch is 899.

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