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Covers Formartti for iPhone 6 are more expensive than the smartphone

Buyers premium products-gadgets – premium accessories. The company Formartti specialized in the production of original gadgets, introduced a line of gold covers for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The initial cost of the product far exceeds the price of the smartphone is $2200 dollars.

Covers for “Apple” communicators Formartti made of gold-plated aluminum, stainless steel or platinum and hand-inlaid precious stones and Swarovski crystals. In the upper part of the accessory is a castle that allows you to put your iPhone into the case or remove the device. The pattern is unique, it creates a robotic jewelry machine.

The range Formartti presents accessories for iPhone 6 and and iPhone 6 Plus. The cost of the product starts from $2200 dollars, and for the most expensive option will have to pay around $10,000 dollars.

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