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Specialists iFixit called the smart watch, the Pebble Time is the best in its class

On may 27, the company Pebble started shipping its first smart watch with a colored dial Pebble Time those who invested in the project on the website Kickstarter. All have endorsed the project will receive a Pebble watch Time until mid-June. One of the first device received the iFixit staff specializing in vivisection electronic products.

A smart watch, Pebble Time was to disassemble simply. The only action that can cause difficulties for people without experience — dismantling the top cover. This place used glue. After that, you can see that the front panel is not aligned with the screen. It is located underneath for easy repair and makes it cheaper.

On a small system Board is the ST Micro chip STM32F439ZG based on the Cortex-M4 core with a frequency of 180 MHz, memory module, Spansion S29VS128R 128 MB, Bluetooth controller Texas Instruments CC2564B, magnetometer Freescale part no xtrinsic MAG3110 and 3D accelerometer Bosch Sensortec 083 TS. The watch’s battery has a capacity of 150 mAh, but thanks to the operating system, the screen and the lack of a full OS clock is capable of up to 7 days without recharging.

In the end, the Pebble Time earned 9 points out of a possible 10, which is a record among “smart” hours, and in General — a great result. Apple Watch earned only 5 points. Experts pointed to a flawed design “of the Apple” model from the point of view of repairing and replacing components. In particular, the procedure of opening very difficult proprietary Pentalobe screws and a very small amount of components and cables. Another problem faced by professionals, has become the screen on the Apple Watch, because the cables for it are hidden under the elastic bracket.

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At the time, iFixit dismantled and the first generation Pebble. But at that time it was the first of its kind device and the source without developing evaluation criteria, were not exposed points. But it is worth noting that the experts highlighted the complexity of the first stage of disassembly, which in many cases could lead to either damage to the enclosure or to the impossibility in the Assembly to return the watch leaks.

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