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Smartphone Lenovo Smart Cast will turn any surface into a touchscreen [video]

Lenovo has developed SmartCast is a concept smartphone with built-in laser projector. Users will be able to play on a virtual piano and work on the projection keyboard.

Smartphones already know how to project standard symbols. Such devices are, for example, from Samsung, but they are especially popular not use. Chinese company Lenovo has announced the development that could potentially change this situation. Her smartphone SmartCast able to project onto the surface of the touch image that literally can be touched by hands.

Smart Cast integrated infrared motion detector that tracks the position of the individual fingers in the space in front of the smartphone. Thus, any surface can be turned into a touch.

Obvious advantages of such technology are several. First, you can project yourself to the table full-sized keyboard and typing on it. Secondly, since the laser projector duplicates the image from the smartphone screen as a whole, to play the mobile game will be much easier. As an example, in the commercial product showed Fruit Ninja.

At the top end of the smartphone equipped with a swivel mechanism that allows SmartCast to drop the image on the wall (“vertical mode”), and on the surface beneath them (“landscape”).

At the moment Smart Cast — while only a concept. Neither the performance, nor the plans of the new items on the market Lenovo is not said.

It is worth noting that projection keyboard predicted the iPhone 5 back in 2011. Then on YouTube even has a video demonstrating her delights. Finally, in “Apple” smartphone, such technologies have not appeared.

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Perhaps even better, because in the same 2011 on sale: a device called Celluon Magic Cube Projection. It looked like real magic, but worked much more prosaic. This futuristic cube connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone or computer and can be projected on the surface of the keyboard, glowing a demonic red light. The cube was mounted camera that captures the movement of the fingers of a person. Typing with one finger was quite comfortable, but about a blind high-speed printing could forget: the device was simply not capable of this speed to catch the disposition of human fingers.

Especially popular Magic Cube is not used, and profile press trashed him in their reviews.

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