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“There is no smoke”: the Ministry of health has called for more to complain about smokers using smartphones

31 may mark the purpose of the campaign against Smoking world no tobacco day. It was installed in 1987, the world health organization (who) to draw attention to the tobacco epidemic and its lethal consequences. To this date the Ministry of health has introduced a mobile app “don’t smoke Here”, which allows to inform about Smoking in prohibited areas immediately to the police. The signal violators, Smoking in prohibited areas will come immediately to the police.

The application of the Ministry of health designed for smartphones with operating systems iOS and Android. His presentation was timed to the world day without tobacco. Start the program it was reported in the fall of 2014. User complaints are thoroughly analyzed. After 40 days comes the message “would You have said?” The app is explained with the help of pictures, which is a violation of the law and what is not. With it you can quickly learn where you can smoke, and where not.

“It will allow not only to obtain information about the requirements of the law, but also to report violations to the authorities charged with monitoring its implementation”, — explained the purpose of the application, the Deputy Director of Department of international cooperation and public relations of the Ministry of health Oleg Salahi. He promised that the Agency analyze all statistical data on violations.

Recall, from June 1 last year in Russia can no longer be Smoking in catering establishments, hotels, hostels, indoor markets and other trading facilities, as well as on the platforms of the suburban trains, on ships and trains.

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Every sixth smoker threw addiction after the introduction of anti-tobacco law. This drop in Smoking registered for the first time in 25 years. According to the survey (and it was conducted in 46 regions of the Russian Federation), smokers among men 52%, women 19%. It is noteworthy that the vast majority (83%) approved measures prohibiting Smoking in public places. But the share of those who do not support anti-Smoking measures, does not exceed 10%.

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