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Kaspersky quite convincingly proved the need of antivirus for Mac

Mac is considered more secure than their counterparts in Microsoft operating systems. Can’t argue with that even antivirus experts: the number of malware for macOS is much less than for Windows. So many Mac users are sure that no security solution they do not need. The specialists of “Kaspersky Lab”, however, insist on the need to use specialized Mac software for protection, citing the fact that malware is just one of the forms of threats waiting for the users in the Network.

In addition to the malware is a significant danger is phishing, said the specialists of the Laboratory. The problem is that phishing pages are often very similar to the real — to distinguish a well made phishing page quite difficult.

Criminals have learned to mask phishing links, covering them with picture or simply making it so that the link text does not match the address to which it leads. With the help of phishing scammers trying to get Bank account information to steal accounts in social networks, e-mail or account in game services.

And then the security of the operating system has no effect. She can stay protected, but only certain solution like Kaspersky Internet Security can check whether the user went to the right and secure website, but not on the page scams.

The solution also is designed to protect payments on the Internet. If the user goes to the page of the Bank or payment system mode Secure payments, providing additional protection.

That’s not all. Many parents worry that their children may spend too much time on the Internet, which is full of not very useful and sometimes harmful to the baby information. Parental control allows to prohibit visits to certain pages, limit the time of Internet access and to control the correspondence in social networks.

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Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac has all the features of the classic antivirus and protects the system from malware for macOS, which albeit slightly, but every day, alas, is becoming more and more, the experts concluded.

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