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Smart watch for Regardie can give odds to the Apple Watch

In Moscow, the command of Regardie presented a new development – “smart” watches, designed to localize the user in open areas and inside buildings. According to the developers, this is the only device in the world, through which you can determine the location of the “media” room.

To control a military operation with “smart” hours. This solution offered the Petersburg developers. And brought it to life. The new system allows you to discreetly notify staff about the danger and, conversely, to inform the command about the attack on the fighter.

For the first time in the world the location of the troops with the “smart” watches can be defined as open areas (GLONASS) and indoors. Thanks to the device the commander can observe the movement and location of the soldier object, and with a quiet vibration alert in case of an emergency situation. Clock in standby mode, work up to one month.

“Hours can pass and text messages. They will show you the direction to the goal, if needed. And in the case of loss of consciousness fighter — report this to headquarters”, – said the head of the technological Department of the St. Petersburg Dmitry Koshelev.

“Sensor still. The situation, if the person fell, lost consciousness, the watch automatically feel it — the lack of movement and give a signal warning. If the person did not move, it is the alarm”.
But the main innovation is a secure radio network that is deployed to the object. Without the key to break it is impossible, say the developers. Moreover, radio does not need a mobile tower.

To control the “smart” watches use a case that turns off a set of 8 wearable devices. The device includes a remote antenna on the magnet, the block of indication and management, as well as the tablet to display the map and users of smart watches. Offline this suitcase has 8 hours to recharge it from a wall outlet or car.

Such “smart” watch is already provided to all employees of the security service of the Constantine Palace, and another object near Sochi. The system was immediately taken to 40 military units. And almost 50 will get the gadgets in the course of the year.

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