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Came Giovanni Game Boy emulator for the Apple Watch

Decided to nostalgia and to run on the modern gadget Gameboy favorite game from childhood? Nothing is impossible. Download the new free Game Boy emulator, Giovanni and install it on your Apple Watch and – forward.

Frustrated by the lack of game apps on their Apple Watch Series 2 developer Gabriel O’flaherty-Chan decided to move games from classic gaming consoles. These projects for 25 years, but it has not lost its dynamics and excitement, confident programmer. This allows them to easily win all the Tap Tap Dash and World of Goo in the fight for the fast life.

O’flaherty-Chan has not only created a Game Boy emulator Giovanni and put it in open access on GitHub, but also shared their impressions from the processor of porting the project on a “smart” watch Apple. Some highlights from his essay is quite interesting. For example, one of the biggest problems for developers was the need to find the right balance between frame rate and performance. At the moment of retro games can’t boast slow to react, but the developer plans to continue to solve the issue.

Gabriel urged all those interested to participate in the revision of the emulator, although it warned that operating system watch OS “is extremely limited in terms of graphics”.

Anyway, if you want to repeat Pokemon Yellow on his Apple Watch, is now possible. All details can be found on the developer’s site at this link.

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