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The Minister of communications of the Russian Federation spoke about the benefits of Sailfish before the U.S. iOS and Android

The Minister of communications Nikolay Nikiforov became the owner of the Russian smartphone YotaPhone at mobile operating system Sailfish, reports Kommersant. According to him, Russia in the short term is unlikely to become a world leader in the production of mobile devices, but on YotaPhone Sailfish “a great future”.

Previously Nikiforov made a statement about supporting independent mobile systems. Then the Minister promised grants to developers under Sailfish OS and Tizen, to fight against the American monopoly of Android and iOS. Later the Ministry of communications reported that work on a national platform with people from Nokia, and now it became known that Nikiforova Sailfish OS is already installed on YotaPhone 2.

“He normally works, but perhaps not ready to be sold in stores,” he said. In his opinion, the YotaPhone with Sailfish or other open operating systems has a great future. “This proves that the YotaPhone is a multiplatform solution and can work not only on Android”. The Sailfish, according to the Minister, many advantages over competing platforms.

“There’s a lot of pluses: information security and a more stable, well-developed ecosystem”,— said Nikiforov.

Sailfish OS with 2012 developed by the Finnish company Jolla. Now, according to Nikolai Nikiforov, she belongs to Hong Kong Sailfish Holding owned by the shareholders Jolla, as well as companies from China and Russia. Earlier it was reported that the co-owner of the company is the founder of group of unified social tax Grigory Berezkin.

“Sailfish than good? It is open. There are a number of closed components associated with user interfaces, but they will be open around June-July. Since the release of the second version OS to be completely open environment for collaborative development and participation of all professionals of the global community. The Sailfish has the potential to become internationally mobile system, the BRICS,” said the Minister. Earlier it became known that the BRICS will compete with the monopoly of Google and Apple platforms.

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The systems perspective the Minister questioned is not intended, however, and not as a panacea: “Obviously, it is unlikely in the short term, Russia will become the world leader in the production of those or other mobile devices. Our Chinese colleagues in this leading brand”. Nevertheless, he is confident that Russian engineers are ready to develop the most complex high-tech products, and therefore in the success no doubt.

In recent times the domestic politicians talk about the need to break away from Western software and electronics. If the second decided to take in the Ministry of industry and plan to replace foreign computers, tablets and smartphones with domestic 2020 (which is already criticized the Ministry of communications), with the situation still in the same place, although the developers are even willing to pay a lot of money.

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