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Skype launches free group voice calls on iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile

Now free video calls anywhere in the world have become commonplace, but for 2006, Skype was a real revelation. These days a popular service celebrates its 10 th birthday.

In honor of memorable dates, Microsoft decided to add free video call in mobile version of Skype for iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile. The appropriate update will be released in a few weeks. Function will allow to make video calls with up to 25 users simultaneously. Previously, such opportunity was only the owners of the package “Skype for business”. For normal users were only available voice group calls.

Microsoft does not name the exact date of release of the update, but now have the opportunity to try a preliminary version. To access the feature, you must register at the link. Users will be sent a letter by email, then the mobile device will be able group video.

Note that the competitors of videomessenger, FaceTime and Facebook Messenger, group video calling is not yet available.

Skype also shared some statistics of the achievements of the service over the years. In particular, the target audience of the service has reached 750 million people (statistics on the platforms are provided), together they had done video calls with a total duration of 2 trillion minutes.

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