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Apple has shared new details about HomePod

Followed by the message about the start of sales, Apple has revealed many details about its smart column, including new guidance on working with the control panel on the top edge.

Management HomePod, in most cases, will be carried out by means of voice assistant Siri. However, the sensory part of the column supports multiple gestures.

Panel HomePod will respond to touch, like the AirPods. Supported a number of gestures, which work as click on the remote EarPods. To raise or lower the volume level by pressing appropriate keys “+” and ” – ” to be displayed only during playback of music.

In order to enable the track or pause it, you just need to touch the upper part of the HomePod. Double “tap” will start the next song, and triple – the previous one. Alternatively, the phrase “Hey Siri” you can just put your finger and hold it, a voice assistant will not keep itself waiting long.

After the release of iOS 11.2.5 this week, the network began to appear screenshots of the setup process HomePod.

Pre-order on smart column from January 26 in USA, UK and Australia. In France and Germany to buy a novelty will be in the spring. HomePod will go on sale at a price of $ 349 9 Feb. About the timing of the appearance of the gadget in Russia are not yet known.

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