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Shaker messenger, bringing together the best

Now in the App Store can be found about two thousand different messengers for every taste and for any preferences. For the uninitiated – WhatsApp. For advanced (and unpatriotic) – Telegram. For paranoids and walking – Snapchat. For selfimages – Instagram (though it’s not the messenger). The choice is so great that, I think, the person who all this is, is slowly going crazy. Certainly in his head had already started to think: how cool would it be if the two functions were merged into a single application without having to start the morning with a pilgrimage to your phone content. Well, more can not dream: Shaker incorporates all the components of the popular messengers. And, observe, brings a couple of new.

In fact, the Shaker is a social network with features messenger. You register a profile, enter your phone number, put an avatar and, in General, all use the program. Here you can maintain your profile, as in some “Instagram”: upload photos (pre-treating right in the app), video, or clever statuses. You can search via tags, as well as interesting system recommendations: Shaker, analyzing your behavior, will offer subscribers of some user – app will seem that you will be interested.

A social function here is simple but important: to subscribe and like no one is hurt. There is a built in chat and this is the first interesting innovation from the Shaker. Chat samoudalyayushcheisya – all written by you (and companion) will be erased after a certain amount of time you put in the timer. Importantly, the correspondence is deleted not only from your phone, but also from the server of the program is to restore it would be impossible. Can long to wonder, for what purpose people use this chat (decent version – don’t want their business plans anyone to know), but it is foolish to argue that the function really useful. And useful to a wide circle of persons.

The second interesting and even somewhat innovative stuff right in the middle of the screen, in the form of letter S. it is Enough to click on it to learn who is using the app around. If you haven’t actually been Sakala, the program will show who actually did it in your area (so-called “mono-shake”). If someone clicked on the same button as you, there will be a “multi-shake” – your profiles are synchronized, you will exchange contacts, photo, profile description and phone number.

Ways to use this function, actually, more than it seems. For example, at the conference – you will not need to exchange business cards, to call each other to figure out the room, but simply sakotis. Or at your favorite café – through the cervix can be painless to find out the phone number of that cute girl, that the third day comes to sit with a glass of Mojito.

Like most of messengers, the success of the Shaker does not depend on features and the number of users. Agree, it is strange to sit even in sverhnavorochennogo chat, if they are only you and the mother of the developer. Special problems in Shaker with no audience, but it is clear that the application at the initial stage. And success depends on you with us – please rate comparatively and innovative applications. Honestly, I would like to be appreciated.

Download Shaker via this link.

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