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Samsung has promised to deliver the Galaxy S8 from freezes and sudden reboots in one of the next updates

Smartphones Samsung can not boast stability. Hangs, crashes and random reboots happen more often than desired. And the latest flagship Galaxy S8 and S8+ is no exception.

Just look at the list of fixed bugs Samsung, which has led to users in the extraordinary maintenance update devices. And that’s even without the disgruntled reviews from owners of Galaxy S8 left on forums and complaint websites.

Samsung, make sure of the relevance of the described shortcomings, preparing for their top-end smartphones next maintenance update. The company promised to remove many annoying problems in the next updates.

We are talking about the crashing when you connect your smartphone to Bluetooth-acoustics. Patch to fix a bug with sudden reboot of gadgets that arises during playback of music via a conjugate with a Galaxy S8 wireless speaker.

Also the update should solve the problem with the “hang up” a mobile device when working with microSD cards and eliminate security vulnerabilities.

The timing of the release of the technical update of information yet. One of the next updates Samsung needs to get to the end of the month.

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