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In China sell fake iPhone 4s with original iOS 8

The production of counterfeit electronics in China has long put on stream. Local craftsmen create copies of all the famous brands and sell them more cheaply. This week in China found on sale several dozen fake iPhone 4s. But unlike other counterfeit Apple smartphones, those running the real iOS 8.

Fake iPhones were discovered in the shop of one of the provinces of China. Usually Chinese clones work on Android, which is set on stylized iOS software. Confiscated in the supermarket Tongzhou batch of clones is first on gadgets original preinstalled OS.

The attention of the police was attracted by the fact that the fake iPhones were made using non-original electronic components, but it worked on iOS 8. Packaging and complete accessories – headphones and charge – were designed in the style of Apple products.

Although the Chinese masters and managed to turn a fake gadgets into a work of art, the local authorities didn’t appreciate it: now the seller is threatened a lot by Chinese standards a fine of $16 000.

Police, meanwhile, suggest that this incident may become a precedent and in the future the market will be flooded with cheap iPhone running the original “OSes” Apple.

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