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Apple wants to give iPhone 8 the best function of iPad Pro

In 2015, at a presentation in San Francisco, along with a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro was the first stylus from Apple called the Apple Pencil. This event is immediately called a serious conceptual shift in the development policy of the Corporation. Say the user moves away from the previous attitudes of Steve jobs and shows that will not adhere to the principles of his predecessor. In fact, the founder of Apple was talking about the stylus as a control interface of the mobile device and does not mean the tools for creativity.

Anyway, the new Apple’s patent application No. 9658704 evidence of big plans for the Apple Pencil. Document describes different use of the accessory in relation to mobile devices such as iPhone and iPod touch. In Cupertino was not limited to the iPad or the generic term “electronic device”, and clearly pointed to the possibility of using the Pencil with the Apple iPhone.

Apple Pencil while designed only for the iPad Pro has a 9.7″ and 12.9″ and can record position, the pressing force and the inclination of the device. Stylus pens for the iPad have been around for years, but they were all created by other companies. Digital pen Apple works better as designed specifically for idevices.

Previously Tim cook to the question about Apple Pencil and a stylus Steve jobs said his company “has released a pencil, not a pen”. And this, according to him, big difference.

“I think Steve would like it very much, – said the head of Apple. – If you’ve ever seen that you can create with a stylus on your iPad or iPhone, you would understand how much he’s great”. Thus, the CEO hinted at the possibility of working with Pencil on the Apple iPhone.

Apple Pencil opens wide opportunities for working with the phone. With it you can create sketches, technical drawings, to paint portraits in watercolor. The pen will allow you to run programs, click on links, scroll and navigate through the operating system.

To support future Apple Pencil Apple needs to screens with low latency and the ability to read the position of the pen 240 times per second. iPhone needs to recognize the exact moments when to control using Apple Pencil or the tip of your finger. These technologies are not implemented in the iPhone 7 and iPhone SE.

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