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Russian competitor iOS from Innopolis: 7 facts about the operating system Sailfish

This week in the framework of the 2017 MWC in Barcelona was presented INOI R7 – the first Russian smartphone with a trusted operating system Sailfish RUS, established on the basis of OS Sailfish by Finnish company Jolla. The device will receive a 5-inch display with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels, 8 and 5-megapixel cameras, two slots for SIM-cards and battery 2500 mAh. Work device is on a mobile Snapdragon processor 210 will be equipped with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of internal memory.

The development of the gadget is a Russian company and INOI “Open mobile platform”, which is based in Innopolis. It’s not the only news from the company’s Sailfish OS: soon it will be modified for almost all Xperia smartphones, in addition, China plans to invest in the development of the system in the market $250 million Publishing Realnoevremya made the top 7 facts about the operating system, positioned alternative to iOS and Android.

1. As the billionaire of TEK has become a venture capitalist

The operating system Sailfish OS developed by Finnish company Jolla, which was created by immigrants from Nokia. They develop the platform in 2012, in 2015 as a majority shareholder were joined by the Russian businessman Grigory Berezkin. For many years he was in the top-200 largest businessmen of Russia according to Forbes, at the stage of becoming actively engaged in the sale of oil and collaborated with Roman Abramovich.

Its the ESN group is engaged in energy supply business includes engineering companies and media (owner of the brand “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, and his daughter is the CEO of the company, which publishes Metro, the largest audience of the Metropolitan daily newspaper).

2. Headquarters in Innopolis

Last year Berezkin together with the former CEO of ESN group a Michael Verosub also created the company “Open mobile platform”, which is based in Innopolis.

In September 2016, their development RUS Sailfish Mobile OS has already been included in the national registry at the Ministry of communications.

3. FSB endorses

It is known that the project has the support of the head of the Ministry of communications Nikolay Nikiforov. “In my work there is YotaPhone with new operating system Sailfish, it’s already working,” — said Nikiforov in may 2015.

The primary audience users of Sailfish OS was originally called the public sector. As told by Minister of Informatization and communications Roman Shaikhutdinov, if everything about iOS and Android, is kept by the manufacturers, in the case of Sailfish OS can be stored at and it is not outside the jurisdiction of Russia. Thus, it is more secure compared with their known counterparts.

Russian mobile platform security checked and gave permission to use its FSB. While voiced that the project invested 150 million rubles, in 2018 the market will come cell phones based on it.

4. The bride in Barcelona

The media reported that the first smartphone based on this operating system for the Russian market was presented at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. INOI R7 is a joint development of the company and INOI “Open mobile platform”.

However, in September last year, it was announced the Jolla smartphone, which runs on Sailfish Mobile OS RUS. According to the Director, ISR Pavel ages, the company also planned to launch a device Oysters on the Sailfish Mobile OS and smartphone RUS “Ermak weapons of mass destruction” from Mobile Inform Group, designed for corporate users and public sector.

5. China will invest $250 million

After Russia the security of their data attended to China. At the same 2017 the Mobile World Congress (MWC), it became known that Jolla has entered into a consortium Sailfish China. The organization will engage in the creation of software solutions for secure smartphones, smartwatch, automotive and the “Internet of things”. The Chinese side plans to invest in the development of Sailfish OS $250 million.

6. Xperia will work on Sailfish OS

Jolla, the company went ahead and announced at the Congress in Barcelona that Sailfish OS will be modified for almost all Xperia smartphones.

The first Finnish operating system will be flashed Sony Xperia X. the Release is scheduled for the second quarter of this year.

7. Forward to success?

Overall, despite the fact that Jolla has introduced its operating system Sailfish OS back in 2012, we cannot say that the company was going well. However, albeit in small steps, with an emphasis on safety, she advanced on the market. In addition to Russia and China in 2016 partner was India, where the market entered the smartphone platform Sailfish OS. Jolla also carried out ongoing work to cooperate with their potential partners, but this activity to the massive popularity of gadgets FOR the Finnish failed. However, the company continues to improve its system and, for example, in early February of this year, they presented the Sailfish OS 2.1, where there are functions, which, however, already present in iOS and Android.

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