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Windows 10 will allow the macOS to block installation of applications not from the official store

Microsoft added in Windows 10 a new feature that blocks the ability to install desktop apps from the official store. In macOS, this option appeared a few years ago, and on Macs this restriction is the default.

In the next update Creators Update for Windows 10 will be a new feature that prevents installation on your computer of unwanted applications. It allows you to do so in Windows 10 to install only apps from the Windows Store, and the installation of Win32 programs were blocked. In particular, upon activation of the innovations the user will receive a warning about installing Win32 programs, which States that applications from the official store of “safe and reliable”.

By default, the function is disabled, however to activate it is very simple. Microsoft offers two versions of its inclusion: it is possible to completely prevent the installation of Win32-applications, and can be left the opportunity to continue the installation after warning.

On Mac computers, no software installation from the official Mac App store is disabled by default. The user must go to settings “security and safety”, enter the administrator password and then toggle the option “Allow apps downloaded from” from “Any source”.

Function is intended to help prevent installation on PCs of different kind of malicious and unwanted software. It is especially useful for entry-level users who prefer to use standard software. And even if such a user suddenly have a need for any additional software, it can always use the Windows Store or Desktop App Converter to convert a desktop app into a universal one.

It is worth noting that Microsoft is testing a special version of Windows 10 Cloud, which completely blocks the ability to install desktop applications.

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