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Apple has banned apps, names of which include the word “Free” and any other reference prices

Apple began to reject apps for iOS in the title has the word “Free” or other price information name. The corresponding change took effect this week.

Previously, Apple has warned app developers that it is not recommended to mention the price in the title, the logo or screenshots. Now the developers began to failure when trying to download App Store games and programs with similar information.

According to Apple’s accompanying refusal to publish apps, developers should indicate information about price only in the description.

Thus, developers will not be able to distribute applications with names that contain the word Free (free). Apple representatives confirmed changes to the rules, but did not explain what they are connected to.

Note that with the release of the new operating system iOS 10.3, Apple added the App Store feature that developers can reply to user reviews. The authors of the application can respond to any feedback you provide at any time, but on the store page will only display one comment developers.

In iOS 10.3 a new framework notifications to rate applications. Developers can invite users to assess their development in a popup window: the user of the iPhone and iPad don’t have to go to the App Store.

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