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Dissatisfied users of Galaxy Note 7 mass transfer from Android to iPhone

Yesterday, Samsung announced the final closing of the production of Note 7, as the device represents a danger to the user due to the faulty battery. Analysts believe that the failure of the South Korean smartphone can help competitive of Apple to increase sales of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Until the end of 2016 delivery of “Apple” devices can increase by 8 million. Anyway, this situation played into the hands of the California giant.

Flipping through a branch of Apple on Reddit you can find a lot of posts from former owners of Galaxy Note 7, which pass on the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Here that wrote one disgruntled user Samsung phablet under the name NsRhea:

“I’m very angry with Samsung, but I’m more mad at Google who can’t make a decent phone in the price range of the iPhone and Note. I was one of those who gave a chance to Samsung and decided to exchange Galaxy Note 7. I was promised a gift certificate, two cards of 256 GB and a virtual reality helmet Oculus. What happened, we already know”.

Disappointed in Samsung and Google, NsRhea decided to buy iPhone 7 Plus. But this is not the only post of this kind. A lot of Android users are going to switch to iOS.

“With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the same situation as with all Samsung smartphones that I had… after a month of use it started to slow down. And so I think to go back to iPhone. Those who have recently switched to iOS, which Android features you miss most?”, – asks BillNyeDeGrasseTyson.

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The other newly-minted owner of an iPhone 7 Plus wrote:

“I have long avoided purchasing a smartphone. On the Galaxy Note 7 I switched from the iPhone 6 Plus. What changes in iOS 10 I need to know? Useful tips and recommendations? And what happened to Siri? Long press Home calls voice commands,” writes prollygointohell.

Another one:

“Yesterday I returned a Galaxy Note 7 and pre-purchase the iPhone 7 Plus Black 128 GB. The phone will deliver only 25.11 – 15.12 and it’s sad. Don’t know what else to do. I have a broken iPhone 5s, but I don’t really like the idea to use the broken gadget. Are there any suggestions?”, writes hackint0sh96.

All of these comments, of course, do not prove that Apple will sell 8 million more than the iPhone. But, at least, it is known that many Android users are now looking at iOS.

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