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Russian Baikal processors will supply Gazprom

“Baikal electronics agreed with the Russian developer of automation systems and telemetry on the joint launch of the range of equipment on their processors Baikal. Created device can be used on pipelines of Gazprom.

The developer of domestic processor Baikal — Baikal electronics” — agreed to release a joint production with Exitech”, specializing in the production of automation systems and telemetry for industrial and municipal facilities — primarily in the gas industry of Russia.

According to Cnews, the first result of this cooperation was the emergence of the controller Exitech” CAM 300 dual-core processors Baikal-T1. Prototype device should appear in October 2015. The task of the telemetry and remote control included energy accounting, equipment management, control parameters and gas flow. In the case of serious leakage, the Supervisory control system should ensure the overlap of the emergency section of the pipeline.

The specific scope of the new controllers will largely determine the degree to which their performance will be decided to get offline, or dependent on external sources of energy. On all pipelines exist network with voltage of 220 V. on the other hand and nonautonomous controllers are also applied in industry,” the company says.

Interest “Exitech” to domestic processors manufacturer explained by the desire to satisfy the demand from customers on the safe and importantissima technology.

Key customer Exitech” can be considered “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz” —100% subsidiary company of “Gazprom”, whose main activity is the sales of natural gas on the territory of the Russian Federation. At the moment, his need for controllers “ASSITEJ” is estimated at a few hundred units per year.

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