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The designer introduced the concept of iPhone 7 curved display and chrome-plated body

What is the main task of the designer-conceptual? To create something beautiful? Come up with something shocking? This is certainly important, but a true professional when it is able to see into the future. This skill has decided to showcase the designer Abdoubouam in its new concept iPhone 7.

The hypothetical device, the artist dressed in a chromed metal housing with a huge glowing Apple logo. The dimensions of the device similar to the iPhone 6, however, is unusual for “Apple” communicators shape, characteristic of more products HTC. According to the author of the concept, slightly curved body and display shall provide convenient carrying and use of a smartphone.

Abdoubouam notes that is not an ardent fan of Apple products, but still decided to share his vision of the iPhone 7. In the back side of the device, the designer has placed a camera with a resolution of 12 megapixels. The front has almost no frame around the screen, Home button is situated directly on the display. The bottom features two speakers and a USB 3.0 connector.

Users in the comments praised the work of the designer, but interested in a possible price of iPhone 7. Apparently, the model would have cost a lot more expensive than the current $ 649 for the 16-Gigabyte modification of the Apple flagship.

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