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10 functions for which it is worth to install macOS Sierra

At first glance, the new operating system macOS Sierra not so much different from its predecessor, such as OS X Yosemite from OS X Mavericks. However, the internal changes are enormous. Apple added support for voice assistant Siri, has implemented new ways to sync files, updated staff of the program.

20 Sep macOS Sierra became available for public download, so everyone can already upgrade to the new OS. MacDigger publishes 10 most interesting features Sierra, which will appeal to most Mac users.

1. Tabs in all applications

For more effective interaction with the content in the macOS Sierra feature tabs of Safari has removed almost all apps that support multiple Windows. Including Maps, TextEdit, Mail, Pages, Numbers, Keynote and even in third-party applications. Tabs allow you to view Maps in several places at the same time, to copy text from one Pages document and paste it into another in full screen mode, or quickly switch between multiple drafts in the Mail.

2. Sort the files by date view

macOS Sierra offers a new optimization feature data on the hard disk called Optimized Storage. If the operating system will not have enough space to work, it will automatically move infrequently used files to the cloud. In the file Manager Optimized Storage is the ability to sort the data by access time. So, if you choose the tab Programs or Documents, you can see which files were opened last. We are not talking about the time of the edit, namely on startup. For example, you can see Large files what kind of video you watched the day before.

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3. You can pin search results for Siri in notification Center

To call Siri on the Mac just a click away. Voice assistant is available from the dock bar, from the menu bar or using the keyboard: voice commands can be used to search various information and send messages. For example, you can ask Siri to find a file you worked on in the evening, add a calendar appointment or call for FaceTime. Additionally, Siri for Mac allows you to drag search results to Siri directly into documents or emails, and also keep them in notification Center. Thus, it is possible to track data such as scores or stock quotes.

4. Siri allows you to control the music

Among other things Siri voice assistant allows you to control music playback. You can put the song on pause, repeat or skip songs. Voice you can start to play a song, album, or playlist from your library or Apple Music.

5. You can change the voice of Siri

macOS Sierra allows you to choose the type of voice. If you are tired of the female voice on your iPhone, on your Mac, you can choose a male. This possibility, incidentally, is available in iOS 10. In the English language even more – it offers 8 different variants: American (female, male) Australian (female, male) British (female, male), Irish (female) and South African (female).

6. The easiest and fastest way to answer with just one touch

Sometimes you just need to make it clear to the sender that you read his message, or to answer “Yes” or “no”. Function Tapback in iMessage, you can click on the message and quickly send one of Emoji: thumbs up or down, heart, question mark, and others. The easiest and fastest way to respond to a single touch.

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7. “Picture in picture”

In macOS, the Sierra can work with one window and view the content in another. For example, you may have a video of Safari or iTunes in a separate window on top of all others while you work. The window can be enlarged or reduced, move to the desired location or mounted in any corner of the screen. The video remains at the top, even when you are working in another window, so you don’t miss anything.

8. Siri can read your mail

If you e-mail a lot of messages, you can simplify parsing of mail, asking Siri to speak the content. For example, you received an important email message, just say “Siri, read the writing, and virtual assistant will announce its contents. In the end the assistant will ask if you want to answer the message.

9. Desktops on different Mac look the same

Sierra with macOS desktops all look the same due to Mac sync content. In addition, OS sinhroniziruete files from the Documents folder, they are accessible from any Mac, iPhone, iPad and even PC. Simply save the file to your desktop or Documents folder and they’ll be everywhere, wherever you need. Files are available with the iPhone and iPad via iCloud Drive app and on the website or the iCloud app for Windows. And when you log in to your account on another Mac, your files appear on the desktop exactly where you kept them.

10. Preview photos and videos in iMessage

If the sender in iMessage will send you the link, you will see the message or video right in the chat window. No need to open a Safari window or a standalone application. Support media links allows you to view and play the content without leaving the conversation.

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