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Russia has sharply increased the number of overdue loans on an iPhone

In two years the number of Russians aged 18 to 25 years who have overdue loans increased by 80%, almost 900 000 people. According to experts, one reason was the popularity of expensive smartphones Apple.

According to “Izvestia”, the end of the current year, the next payment to the Bank at least for a day was arrested about 9 million people, the proportion of young debtors has increased by 50%. Over the past two years the number of Russians aged 18 to 25 years who have overdue loans increased by 80%. If in 2014 the number was only 5%, then this year is already 9%.

According to the collection Agency “Sequoia Credit consolidation”, due to the fact that in the beginning of 2016, the credit boom was observed in the segment of POS-lending. This banking product has immense popularity among young people because it allows you to buy new gadgets here and now. In addition, this year entered the market the iPhone 7 and a number of other premium smartphones, most of which were bought by young people on credit.

Because of the age of these borrowers is irregular and unstable income, which affects their ability to pay, analysts said. They believe that in the future the share of “young” non-payers will only increase.

CEO online-MFO “Timer” Sergey Sedov believes that absolute and relative indicators of the number of debtors among Russians aged 18-25 years will continue to grow in the segment of micro-loans. Primarily due to the influx of new young customers.

“Young people without having credit history, are increasingly turning to microfinance institutions for obtaining your first credit experience and the future experience of other credit products” — the expert believes.

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