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Apple equips the iPhone with fire sensors

The need for security is one of the key people in our troubled world. Users install in their homes, alarm systems, metal doors and window grilles. However, there are other threats, which in its consequences may be much more serious burglary. These include fires. To prevent this threat are going to developers from Apple.

Experts plan to equip the next iPhone special sensors, shows Apple’s patent application published on Thursday, the Bureau of patents and trademarks of the United States. The number of sensors, which can appear in the iPhone, the sensor carbon dioxide sensor, carbon monoxide, oxygen sensor, ozone sensor, humidity sensor, sensors of chemical and biological substances and others.

Apple plans to give iPhone sensors that can save lives. For example, discovering the smoke, the smartphone will be able to notify the owner or immediately call the fire service. The technology involves the integration of iOS devices with the sprinkler system so they can independently turn on or sound the siren to communicate with other devices.

The sensors are designed to detect fires, accompanied by smoke. At the moment, is the most common form of fire protection. They help prevent ignition at an early stage.

The principle of operation of sensor in iPhone can be based on the control of reflected from smoke particles of the infrared radiation. When the concentration of smoke inside the chamber, the IR pulses sent by the emitter reach the photodetector, then amplified and transmitted to the counter. In excess of the threshold, the signal “Fire”. Interacting, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch are implementing the Internet of things concept, which will allow using the communication system to save lives and to help in the home.

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Judging by the patent application, the smoke detector may appear even in “smart” hours. Although, it is worth remembering that the patent application does not guarantee an implementation of a technology in commercial products.

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