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Russia has proposed to introduce fines for downloading pirated content

The Ministry of culture proposed to introduce penalties for Internet users for downloading pirated content. Illegal downloading in the network, one of the problems of the Internet. Several resources, where users posted links to albums, songs and movies, was forcibly closed. But always be willing to create a new one.

According to Minister of communications Vladimir Medinsky, Russia needs tougher anti-piracy legislation.

“If tougher anti-piracy legislation adopted throughout the civilized world, we will not be accepted and will not be fulfilled, it will be possible to put an end to the existence of the author, the Creator, as the institution is able to earn his bread,” he said.

To identify the offender, who download illegal movies, music and other products, it is assumed by its IP address. And then on the registration address of that user will come to a resolution on payment of a fine.

According to experts, in case of adoption of this law, its implementation can be difficult. The fact that the IP address is not a passport and to determine exactly to whom to apply administrative punishment will be difficult. For example, if a random child will go to some resource from a computer parents and download the game, not knowing that the site where he got it from a pirate.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin has not yet formed a position on the draft law of the Ministry of culture about the penalties for downloading pirated content. According to him, the bill is still in development, so “kind” the Kremlin’s position will be formed, “if something is formulated.”

The law against illegal content was adopted in Russia in July 2013, which provides for locking of resources that distribute pirated content. In 2015, it was amended, according to which a website can be a “lifetime” blocked if they repeatedly violate copyright law by posting pirated content.

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