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In China believe that Apple will be a serious problem if production of the iPhone will bring to US

If Apple does decide to move production of iPhone from China in the United States, as required by the President, Donald trump, most of the Chinese manufacturers working with the company, will not follow her example because of the large costs of labour. Dailycomm reports about it with reference to

According to analysts, the initiative of Apple may be doubling the cost of the iPhone. After all, if this scenario begins to unfold in reality, corporations will be very difficult to create a supply chain of components.

Apple has clearly established a production line for the Assembly of the iPhone in China. Continuous production is provided by the suppliers of displays, touch panels, cameras, chips, microchips, batteries and other parts. If necessary, make design changes, the chain can quickly respond and adjust the production process.

In addition, the speed of, for example, casting a certain amount of metal housings to order will take 10 days in Shenzhen and in the United States, the same work will do for a month.

The Chinese company Lens Technology, which supplies protective glasses for the iPhone, has already declared that does not intend to build factories in the US due to the expensive labour force in the country, although the cost of electricity and rent of land in the States is lower than in China.

In Lens Technology employs approximately 70 000 people under the age of 45 years. In American factories, as noted by the company, many employees aged over 45 years who are accustomed to high wages when more lenient work schedules.

Previously, Donald trump said that if elected President of the United States it will force Apple to make their electronics in the United States. At the moment most of the products of the “Apple” giant assembled in China.

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