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Review Let’s Go Rocket: burning time

Some of you probably saw Let’s Go Rocket in the top of the App Store, someone downloaded on the advice of friends and the media, and someone-and you, no doubt, most of them hear about the game for the first time in this article. Well it you in vain. We had perhaps the best game of recent times.

Initially you choose a rocket with that thing fly forward, towards new records and time spent. Business simple – click on the screen, the rocket flies straight. Nothing too tight – falls. Bottom customize permanently lost pieces of the screen, and the top – dynamically Bouncing platform. Guess three times what to do – of course, fly as far as possible.

Game all inspects. Records are evaluated by the number of passed, apparently, levels, so by a numerical value effectively will not look: well, it took ten levels, and why? And do you know how hard it all was. As I had to millimetrovie – aptly to seep through several platforms, to accelerate, to bring down the pace, and even try to grab the crystals on the way.

Let’s Go Rocket deftly takes over the gills – every failure spurs, and the updated record serves as a beacon: the best you can and above. Not very clear how this is achieved – the game is primitive. But the authors managed to take the player by the throat and not let go until he is definitely not sick.

In his free conquest of records you can do another interesting fact: spend earned (or bought crystals). You can buy new missiles – but, interestingly, changing not only the protagonist, but also the environment. If earlier it was light purple gamma, and pieces sticking out everywhere the ground, now on your screen is incomprehensible something colorful. Quite amusing and a fresh solution – not a micropayment allows you to look at the game from a completely different angle. Although the gameplay is, of course, will not change – what to do, imposes narrow limits of the genre.

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Let’s Go Rocket is not worth a dime, and then if they require, the only defendants in the previous paragraph – and even then, you can save yourself. It’s free, pretty simple and unpretentious, but very charming (we didn’t write about the schedule, and for good reason – it’s all very cartoony and cute and addictive game to which you want to return when there is an extra ten minutes. Hardly it will blow or you will run more often, but the fact that you Let’s Go Rocket will turn to the point of boredom – is undeniable.

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