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The pursuit of perfection: what would you change in new Apple TV?

Apple TV 2015 got many new features compared to its predecessor.
Now this is not just an adapter between the library stored in iCloud, memory, computer or iPhone, iPad, and big screen TV as it used to be.

New Apple TV – a complete media center that provides access to thousands of movies, millions of songs and tons of games. As they say in the company, Apple TV gives new meaning to “box” and makes you a completely different view on your TV.

But this, of course, in theory. What happens in reality? In practice, the efficiency depends on the consoles available on the new platform of content, and its quantity and quality varies widely from country to country. In addition, not all they expected potential buyers, it was implemented in the device.

So, the new Apple TV does not support app “Remote” for remote control from mobile devices, with the gadget you cannot use a Bluetooth keyboard. Previous models Apple TV supported remote input via a mobile application that lets you use to the virtual keyboard iPhone and iPad. It helped comfortable to enter any text. Unfortunately, this application is still awaiting the update for the fourth generation Apple TV. Among other limitations, the Apple TV is the lack of support for 4K video and voice assistant Siri for English-speaking users.

Of course, the console is happy with his opportunities, support chic games and applications. However, Apple is where to develop the device. Below is a list of how the company could improve the brand of the receiver:

  • Support 4K video.
  • Support for HDR-video.
  • Replay mode with cinematic 24 frames/s.
  • Support for multiple remotes Apple TV.
  • Support up to four controllers.
  • Connecting a Bluetooth keyboards.
  • Siri in Russian.
  • The updated app Remote for iOS.
  • The updated app Remote Apple Watch.
  • Authorization on the services through iOS devices.
  • Updated the app for Home sharing.
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If you decide to make a list of the required functions for the new Apple TV, what would it include?

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