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The girl in Astrakhan drowned trying to rescue fallen into the water iPad

In Astrakhan the girl jumped over the fallen in the river iPad. However, to get out of it failed – it has not calculated their strength and drowned.

According to the Dni, the desire to get out of the water fallen tablet cost the life of 20-year resident of Astrakhan. She did not calculate the forces and drowned, according to the regional Investigation Department. Eyewitnesses claim that the girl was in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

The body of the victim was found on may 16 evening in herica Cossack Astrakhan. “Signs indicating the criminal nature of death is not revealed”, – stated in the message Department. Now set all the circumstances of the incident. According to their results will be a procedural decision.

Cases when people are willing to go to great lengths for an expensive tablet, not rare. In February 2014 it became known about detention in Volgograd the woman who sold her baby for the payment of the loan on the tablet. Along with this there is a famous story about a Chinese woman who dropped into the cesspool smartphone – when you try to get it killed her husband, mother-in-law, and injured four people.

In the spring of 2013, the Network has gained popularity video from the Brazilian city of são Paulo. On published frames the woman wanted to throw myself under the wheels of an approaching train to reach your phone, but at the last moment she is saved in time ran a COP. In August last year, 16-year-old German from Cologne tried to pump from lake for all the water to get drowned iPhone.

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