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Remember it is this: Samsung has officially announced the closure of the production of Galaxy Note 7

Samsung announced the definitive cessation of production and sales of the flagship Galaxy Note 7 due to danger of explosion devices. The smartphone, released in the peak of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, was a fiasco, no chance after losing the war to Apple news.

Samsung has announced a complete cessation of the production of Galaxy Note 7 after sales of devices around the world were twice suspended due to cases of spontaneous combustion. The company will no longer produce these smartphones.

On the morning of 10 October it became known that Samsung has partially suspended the release of Galaxy Note 7 in particular, it was said to halt work at the plant in Vietnam, producing smart phones for export. On Tuesday, October 11, the company announced the temporary cessation of global smartphone sales and has asked users to disable the device. Users who already bought the smartphone can count on a full refund or replace another device, the new version of the Galaxy Note 7 will not be issued. And now Samsung has announced the closure of the production of branded smartphones.

Analysts say several factors influenced the decision Samsung. First, the word “explosion” is very tightly stuck to the Galaxy Note 7. People who don’t read (or read regularly) technology news, recorded in the mind of the stereotype that these smartphones really dangerous, it is better not to buy. Secondly, Samsung has faced a new wave of news about the bombings. Naturally, not all of them were true. This device is the perfect tool in the hands of fraudsters, preying on the insurance, and each note of the alleged burning phablet — blow to the reputation of Samsung.

Thirdly, Koreans find it difficult to agree with the airlines that are not allowed on Board with the Galaxy Note 7. It’s hard to imagine that passengers will be able to prove the origin of your smartphone, and to convince security that their gadget — from the second batch, with serviceable batteries.

Finally, lost too much time. In many countries of Galaxy Note 7 can be reached only by November, but at the same time, there will appear the long-awaited iPhone 7 Plus in the color Jet Black. Obviously, what smartphone will be a hit and a bestseller, and which will gather dust on the shelf, despite the presence of the stylus and scanner of the iris.

On Tuesday, October 11, Samsung shares have fallen by 8%, causing its market capitalization fell by $17 billion Is the largest drop in shares of South Korean companies in a single day since 2008.

“Because of this crisis, Samsung will have to determine the exact cause of the battery fires and explain how a company known for its expertise in the manufacture of devices that could commit so critical flaw your product twice,” writes Bloomberg.

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