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Old iPhone slowed down again

Patch iOS security 11.2.2 protect Apple gadgets from hacking through the recently found vulnerability Spectre in the ARM processors, Intel and AMD and slows down some of the iPhone. It is reported by Cult of Mac.

According to Apple, fixes for Spectre and Meltdown may slightly degrade the performance of devices. For most gadgets, this statement is fair. However, after installing iOS 11.2.2 some smartphones begin to work noticeably slower.

Founder of the online WeCure and the author of the blog Melv1n Melvin Mogul decided to check his iPhone 6 will work after the upgrade. It turned out that the performance of the gadget declined by almost 56% on tests HTML5 and SQLite.

The results of benchmark got no better. To install iOS 11.2.2 iPhone 6 Mogul scored 1561 score in single-core and 2665 points in multi-core testing. Then he downloaded and ran a software update. No more changes in the configuration of the smartphone was not made. With the new iOS version of the same gadget has received 924 1616 in single – and multi-core test respectively.

Evaluation of a single device does not allow to draw conclusions about the mass slowdown of iOS gadgets after upgrading. Perhaps if other users will test their smartphones, it will be possible to detect the trend and to understand the causes of such effect.

“In any case, the owners of Apple devices will not be able to avoid iOS 11.2.2. It’s a necessary evil. The patches contained in the upgrade, to protect the safety of our iPhone and iPad best,” — said the Mogul.

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