Germany forces Apple to unlock NFC for everyone

Contactless payments are great technology. On the iPhone, it is represented by the NFC module. Alas, it is used only by Apple Pay.

Germany forces Apple to unlock NFC for everyoneImage from

Apple Pay analogs lack NFC on the iPhone. For them, this opportunity is blocked. The Cupertino corporation does not want to support rivals at its own expense.

Many people think that Apple is acting unfairly. The largest banks are against strict restrictions. In Germany, they decided to make life easier for the victims.

        Apple again the most expensive company in the world
        Apple Pay has earned in Belarus. Now officially!

German authorities passed an unusual law. It expands the responsibilities of electronic payment infrastructure operators. They must guarantee competitive access.

Germany forces Apple to unlock NFC for everyoneImage from

Apple said the same applies. Innovation promises her problems in this country. The company expressed concern about such a policy. She said it’s dangerous to “open” NFC.

Enforcement of the bill will negatively affect security. Apple predicts reduced protection for financial and personal information. However, the California giant has no serious arguments.

By the way, the EU is considering the idea of ​​a similar law. What do you think-will introduce? Write in the comments.

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