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Apple patented Apple Watch with a round screen

Although the current model of the Apple Watch is equipped with a rectangular screen, this does not mean that Apple will not be releasing a round smart watch. The last fact indicates a new patent application the company issued by the Bureau of patents and trademarks of the United States.

The patent, entitled “Electronic device equipped with a display with curved edges” was in December of 2015. The main difference is described in the document smart watches is the screen round shape. In the patent Apple engineers are considering different options for the placement of interface elements and describe how to solve problems associated with the use of such a panel.

Although in the past, analysts were talking about Apple’s plans to change the shape of their next Apple Watch, the change would be quite unexpected. First, such a device may be compatibility issues with existing apps.

In addition, experts believe that the rectangular case is preferable for wearable devices. The fact of obtaining a patent, however, may indicate that Apple is at least considering the possibility of producing such models.

There are doubts that the Apple Watch third generation will get round display. Creating your first wearable computer, Apple almost immediately abandoned this form. When most of the information presented in lists, this screen makes no sense, said in an interview the company’s chief designer Jonathan Ive. Many times however, Apple has revised its Outlook on things, so don’t completely rule out such a possibility in the future.

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