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Human rights defenders are again accusing Apple exploiting people

At factories of Apple supplier Pegatron in China, the Group recorded gross violations of labor rights of workers. This statement was made by a non-profit organization China Labor Watch.

“The company in Shanghai employees are working extremely hard for 12 hours six days a week”, – stated in the report the organization released on Thursday. According to human rights activists, violations also include the virtual absence of a course on safety for new workers.

“The human rights activist from China Labor Watch has been working undercover at the company Pegatron in Shanghai. He never said, where are the emergency exits, and he did not participate in the training for action in emergency situations”, – stated in the document. The Pegatron manual requires collectors iPhone and iPad to sign a document allegedly completed 20 hours of training to perform hazardous work.

“Production of the iPhone involves interaction with a large number of chemical materials… However, no one says a work about the location of these chemicals during the production process or about what safety precautions must be observed to avoid injury,” said China Labor Watch.

The organization notes that salary employees Pegatron is only $318 a month, or $1,85 per hour, and the rest break was provided to them only after the overtime.

The living conditions of those workers, Pegatron, also leave much to be desired. “In the Pegatron dormitories in the room live up to 14 people, the walls there covered with mold, in rooms full of bugs,” reads the report.

In 2013, China Labor Watch accused Apple of non-compliance of the working conditions of employees of their enterprises in China, such as international standards and Chinese laws. Then Executive Director of Pegatron Jason Cheng said the company took the allegation “very seriously” and would conduct a full investigation of the revealed violations.

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