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Present and future Apple Watch: when to expect a revolution?

Exactly two years ago, Apple introduced the first generation of “smart” watches Apple Watch. This is the first category of products “Apple” of the brand, created without the participation of legendary founder Steve jobs.

In General, the segment of the market “smart” hours is not quite successful for the manufacturers, whether it’s Pebble, Fitbit and others. A few users interested in smart clock is a small functionality, limited viewing notifications, monitoring of some indicators of the body and physical activity.

Now it is difficult to say, was the launch of the Apple Watch success or error of the company. On the one hand, Apple has managed to become one of the largest manufacturers of “smart” watches, the business makes a profit. On the other hand, the device was as breakthrough as the iPhone or iPad, which still dominates the tablet market, despite the decline in sales.

In promotional materials and promotional video Apple focuses on fitness and health: activity rings, joint tests across the globe and the other fitness functions. Most models of the Apple Watch are portrayed with sports straps, and not with the elegant and classic bracelets.

WatchOS software platform has undergone major changes. To view scheduled appointments, shopping lists and weather easier as answering emails with “smart” hours. But while Apple has work to do.

In the future the company should increase the battery life of the Apple Watch (72 hours would be ideal) and to improve certain aspects of polzovatelya interface, for example, extend the wheel Digital Crown. Many users would prefer a round case shape. And most importantly, the Apple Watch should become independent from the iPhone.

In two years, the Apple Watch has made great progress and we expect that this year will be a presentation of the new hours the wearable computer from Apple.

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