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iPhone 7: 20 things you need to know before buying new items

View related iPhone 7 before purchasing the new items – the most obvious thing to do before purchasing a smartphone. As a rule such materials are rather superficial and most of the key moments behind the scenes.

Apple spoke a lot about the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, however, several important facts may be a surprise for buyers of smartphones.

1. A new way to reload

Physical Home button replaced touch, which is why many raised the question about restarting the smartphone. Previously you needed to press and hold the power button and the Home now instead of the Home button you need to press the volume down key.

2. The display of the iPhone 7 does not work under water

Despite the fact that iPhone 7 protected it from dust and moisture according to IP67 standard, with your smartphone under water is not assumed, so the water, the screen simply does not respond to touch of the user.

3. It is impossible to change only the glass

Experts already had time to disassemble the iPhone 7, reported that around the display is a rubber bezel. This means that if you break the glass, we have to change completely the display module. Otherwise, the hull loses integrity.

4. The same case material

In the materials of the case, nothing has changed, Apple uses the same aluminium 7000 series – aluminium alloy with zinc. This means that the iPhone 7, like Apple’s iPhone 6s is not very resistant to falls, but strong enough in case of deformation in bending.

5. iPhone 7 lighter

It’s hard to believe, but actually the iPhone 7 lighter than the iPhone 6s. The difference is only 5 grams, but some users say that it is felt.

6. the iPhone 7 is several times more popular than iPhone 6s

Many re-sellers and mobile operators claim that pre-orders for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has exceeded all expectations. For example, the American mobile network operators T-Mobile and Sprint talking about the increase in the number of pre-orders in 4 times in comparison with the iPhone 6 in 2014. T-Mobile called the iPhone 7 is the most popular smartphone, which make pre-orders. In Russia the number of pre-orders for the iPhone 7 also proved to be a record – several times more than the iPhone 6s.

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7. iPhone color in “black onyx” impossible to get

After Apple officially began taking pre-orders, it became apparent that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in the color “black onyx” are the most popular models, because in a few minutes after opening pre-order on the Apple website, there have been reports on the supply of the next batch in November. Many of those who stood in line outside Apple stores hoping to buy the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus in the color “black onyx”, is simply lost time.

8. Other lenses and camera sensor

iPhone 7 Plus dual camera, but for a long time, its detailed technical characteristics remained a mystery. It is now reliably learned that the smartphone important a fixed focal length at 28mm (in 35mm equivalent) for wide-angle cameras and a 56 mm camera with a telephoto lens. In the first chamber 7 iPhone sensors are used in optical format 1/3 inches, for the second 1/3,6 inches. Camera settings iPhone 7 Plus are not leading, nevertheless Apple has always known how to make a very decent picture quality in smartphones. And the first reviews indicate that the device is equipped with one of the best quality camera in the industry.

9. Quality is poor when using zoom in low-light conditions

If you want to zoom in on an object when photographing in low light conditions, it will use the module with an aperture of f/2.8, which significantly degrade the quality of the picture.

10. Optical stabilization does not work when zooming

Since the zoom lens has no optical stabilization, as you zoom in, you’ll get shaky video and not always a clear picture, even if we are talking about a 2-fold optical zoom.

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11. The iPhone 6s cases do not fit iPhone 7

As expected, the speaker on the front panel of the iPhone 7 is slightly wider and the main camera more than the iPhone 6s, meaning the incompatibility of the old protective films, glass and covers. Changing the sizes of the camera modules can provide increased pressure on the weak points of the accessory. In this situation it is not excluded micro-cracks that can grow and cause the product useless.

12. The second grille for the speaker in the iPhone 7 decorative

If you look at the bottom face of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus might seem that smartphones have two speakers, but it is not. Hole on the left is made only for symmetry. Devices have stereo speakers, but the second speaker is located on the front panel above the display.

13. Touch button the iPhone 7 doesn’t work without skin contact

Failure of the Home button, faced by many owners of iPhone in the past. Key in iPhone 7 is not moving, and the feedback module Taptiс Engine most likely simulates the pressing. A feature of the new management body is that the Home button only works when you have contact with skin. For residents of Northern regions, who often have to wear gloves, it can become a big problem.

14. 3 GB of RAM in the iPhone 7 Plus and 2 GB in the iPhone 7

According to experts dismantled new Apple smartphones, the iPhone 7 Plus comes with 3 GB of RAM, so it will be slightly more efficient 4.7-inch iPhone 7 which boasts only 2 GB of RAM.

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15. More capacious accumulators

The battery capacity of the iPhone 7 is 1960 mAh, while the iPhone 7 Plus a battery is installed on 2910 mAh.

16. Response setting the Home button

As you know, the Home button has become the touch, causing physical click when pressed is not happening. Thanks to the Taptic Engine, the user will experience the simulation of a click that you can customize. That is how hard you must press the button and what will be the response.

17. New model Taptic Engine

Speaking about the Taptic Engine, it should be noted that compared to the iPhone 6s it had doubled, as compared with the vibration motor in the iPhone 6 is 3 times. Because of this you can feel the vibration when the phone is in your pocket or bag.

18. The rejection of a 3.5 mm connector means water resistance, a more capacious battery and improved sound

Many question why Apple could not leave the audio Jack in the iPhone 7. Due to the lack of headphone port we got a waterproof housing, increased battery capacity, stereo speakers and improved vibration.

19. The iPhone 7 Plus deteriorated autonomy?

In terms of the autonomy of the iPhone 7 Plus outperformed its predecessor in all respects, except one, – the mode of conversation. iPhone 7 Plus 21 hours of talktime, while the iPhone 6 Plus is 24 hours.

20. 7 ahead of iPhone in performance of any smartphone on the market

According to the tests, Apple did not deceive, when it was announced that the A10 processor Fusion is the most powerful on the market. iPhone 7 in single-core mode, gaining almost twice more points than the most powerful Android smartphones. In tests for use in real conditions of the “guglofonov” simply has no chance against the iPhone 7.

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