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Poll: what category of products Apple needs to update the following?

Lately you can often hear the complaints that Apple has lost its focus, the company is unable to maintain all of its products and, most importantly, when Steve Jobs was not like this. Intelligence resource I believe that to attribute it to the modern Apple is impossible, such was and earlier.

The lack of new iMac and Mac mini in 2016 could not disappoint the fans of the Mac and Mac Pro that was not updated for more than 1,000 days — it does not fit in any frame, especially considering the fact that the working station and now on sale for the same money for which it was submitted three years ago.

In 2007, when Apple announced the first iPhone, operating system Mac OS X is not released on time as it had expected. The initial release of 10.5 Leopard was scheduled for June, but in the end the launch was postponed to October of the same year. The reason is that the company shifted the focus on the iPhone:

“We had to throw a few key engineers and other professionals from our project for Mac OS X and in result we were not able to release Leopard at June’s WWDC, as we planned,” said jobs.

Thus, when Apple is aware of the importance of a single product, it reduces the priority for others. Now that the iPhone accounts for 70% of the company’s revenues, its priority is much higher than in 2007, so the shift to smartphones is easily explained.

Currently, Apple is preparing to launch a “jubilee” iPhone 8 – one of the most important products in the company’s history. So expect that she will pay less attention to other products. Whether company time to release a new “frameless” iPad, iMac update and submit to Apple TV 5G 4K, the big question.

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What do you think, if you look at all of the product line Apple, what the company needs to update first? Or it should be a completely new product?

What is the product Apple should upgrade next?

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